Top 10 Reasons to Trust MaxYield for Your Feed Needs

When Phil Dornbier and his family need feed, the solution is simple. “We’ve done business with MaxYield for years,” said Dornbier, who farms and raises hogs near Garner. “I like the convenience of the feed mill in Garner and the quality of the products.”

MaxYield’s feed solutions offer a winning formula for families like the Dornbiers. Andrew Dornbier, who is a member of the Garner-Hayfield/Ventura FFA, won the Supreme Purebred Breeding Gilt/Champion Berkshire Breeding Gilt award at the 2015 Iowa State Fair.

Nearly a dozen families in MaxYield Cooperative’s trade territory who rely on MaxYield’s feed mill in Garner won top honors at the 2015 Iowa State Fair livestock competitions, noted Eric Malek, feed mill superintendent and feed consultant at MaxYield’s Garner location. “We work closely with the major brands in the feed industry and offer small-town, customized service to clients throughout our trade territory,” he said.

MaxYield’s feed division offers many other benefits, including:

  1. Feed solutions for many species. MaxYield provides feed for swine, cattle, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, and rabbits.
  1. Feed for commercial operations. MaxYield serves many independent, family-owned beef and swine operations to provide protein and mineral products, along with feed. The cooperative’s feed mill in Britt also serves area poultry producers. “Starting with my dad, we’ve done business with MaxYield for years, because we’ve always had good luck with their feed,” said Grant Anderson, who raises cattle and farms in the Garner area.
  1. Show feed solutions. MaxYield is proud to work with area 4-H and FFA members, along with their families, to provide an array of show feeds from top brands like Kent Feeds, ADM, VITAFERM and Spencer Ag. The Anderson family experimented with a complete show ration this year from MaxYield. They were pleased with the results, said Anderson, whose children have won numerous awards nationwide with their livestock, including the Champion Limousin Heifer award at the Iowa State Fair and Grand Champion Bred-and-Owned Heifer at the National Junior Limousin Show.
  1. Custom blends. The MaxYield feed team can supply custom mixes to suit every stage of growth. “We can also provide large or small batches of feed,” Malek said.
  1. Personalized service. The MaxYield team takes pride in knowing their clients by name and tailoring options to fit their needs. “Whether you need the next step in a certain feed ration or are looking for specific products, we can help you find the best solution,” Malek said.
  1. Animal care products. Along with feed, MaxYield supplies wood chips for livestock bedding, fly-control products, and other animal health products. “If they don’t have the products we need, they will get them for us,” Anderson “I appreciate this.”
  1. Top-dress additives. These feed additives contain a mix of vitamins, fats, and nutrition to help get your livestock into the winner’s circle. “Top-dress additives have become very popular and allow you to fine-tune your feeding system,” Malek said.
  1. Convenient delivery options. Along with two bulk trucks for feed deliveries, MaxYield can distribute bagged feed and other products throughout MaxYield’s trade territory via the cooperative’s route truck. “That means you can have your order delivered to your nearest MaxYield location,” Malek said.
  1. Experienced team members. Both Malek and Wes Stadtlander, who also works at the Garner feed mill, are well versed in the feed business and are ready to serve you.
  1. A tradition of excellence. The feed mill has been part of the local cooperative in Garner for decades. The original part of the current facility dates to 1962. “We’ve been in the feed business a long time,” Malek said. “We understand what livestock producers need, and we look forward to working with you.”

To learn more about MaxYield’s feed solutions, contact your nearest MaxYield location, or MaxYield’s Garner location at 641-923-2695.