Increase your profitability by field, acre, and crop hybrid

Our SciMax Variable Rate Solutions recommendations will help take the speculation out of field management by helping you place the right hybrid on the right soil type at the right population with the right nutrient management to maximize your yields.

The A-B-C’S of management zones offer a higher potential return on your investment

Yield potential across and within fields is not uniform. To better understand that diversity, we use letter codes as a way to identify the highest performing areas from the lowest.

By utilizing your historical yield and fertility information, SciMax Solutions will build these management zones within your field. Understanding what happens within these zones leads directly to variable rate planting, fertilizer and nutrient recommendations for managing inputs within each field.

  • Zone A – Highest Productivity:these are the best of the best every year so growers should be aggressive with inputs in these areas because they can handle more plants per acre, which increases the probability of achieving a high return on investment.
  • Zone B – Average Productivity: offer consistent and stable productions so growers should maintain “average” management practices and plant populations in these zones
  • Zone C – Below Average Productivity:yield-limiting factors such as drainage issues or lighter, drought prone soils are preventing top production so growers should be conservative with inputs due to the low returns on investment

Reduce risk – increase yield potential with our Learning Blocks

Strip trials have historically been how growers have always done in-field testing. Learning Blocks are now the best way to maximize input decisions.

Consider these important facts regarding “Learning Blocks vs. Strip Trials”:

  • Learning Blocks-1 to 3 acre trial allows you to plant different rates within a zone. They are used as a “check” against the recommended rate so that you can verify your results
  • Strip trials tend to average out your results as you plant a test rate across the entire length of field which causes you to over plant in some areas

Learning Blocks provide a low-risk way to learn, using actual field situations to align input applications that allow you to have better control of real-world variables.

This information gives you the confidence to further refine the management zones for your fields leading to maximized input utilization.

Discover the yield difference with variable rate planting solutions.