How you can know the right rate of nitrogen for each field

If you’re in precision farming, you’re asking the question, “What’s the right rate of nitrogen for my field?” There are many variables that go into the process for determining a variable rate nitrogen recommendation.

In collaboration with our nationally recognized soil nutrient expert, Dr. Rick Vanden Heuvel, we’ve developed an exclusive nitrogen management process that is so innovative that it has been legally protected as a registered trade secret.

The right amount, on the right acres, at the right time

With our exclusive scientific process, growers have seen an average nitrogen reduction of 30 lbs./acre each year over 10 years of trials and in field studies - all while maintaining, if not increasing yield.

With environmental regulations on fertilizer application in the forefront, SciMax Nitrogen is a great way to manage nutrient inputs while being a good steward of the land.

Learn how our secret will be your answer for cost effective, environmentally friendly nitrogen management.