Make confident decisions AND get real value from your data, with SciMax Learning Group.

Your data contains powerful information, but data alone isn’t enough to increase profits. SciMax Solutions Learning Group gives you the ability to have all your data at your fingertips and make confident agronomic decisions.

When you join the SciMax Solutions Learning Group, you’ll receive concrete information and analysis that you can’t get on your own.

  • Yield Efficiency increases by helping you invest wisely within each field.
  • Group Data determines if you’re profitable or not by benchmarking with other growers anonymously, giving you a big picture view.
  • Enhanced Learning Blocks offers a scientific trial system that proves statistical confidence of a product in specific environments.

Best of all, sharing information and insights with your forward-thinking peers creates a synergy that will take your farm management decisions to a whole new level – a more profitable level.

Our internet-based delivery database contains over 1.8M acres of precision data. Reports are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the ability to analyze up to 400 layers of agronomic data per field.

Get real value from your data


Maximizing profits

In tough years, it’s even more important to manage your inputs and to maximize profit. Way too often, I hear people want to maximize yield and, obviously, the more bushels you have the more you have to sell. But if it costs you too much to raise, you might not have increased your profitability by increasing yield.

– Eric Marchand, Britt, IA