Upgrade to Saltro Seed Treatment

With today’s favorable grain markets, it’s important to protect your soybean seed investment from disease, insects and nematodes. The SALTRO / CRUISERMAXX VIBRANCE program from MaxYield Cooperative offers the premium protection you’re looking for.

Using CRUISERMAXX VIBRANCE as a base treatment with SALTRO is the best seed treatment technology available on the market.  SALTRO guards against Sudden Death Syndrome and provides continuous root protection.

It’s also robust against soybean cyst, root rot, and nematodes… all without signs of plant stress like phototoxicity, stunted growth, and susceptibility to pests and weather.

SALTRO’s protection means greater yields for your farm… up to TEN bushels per acre over other seed treatment brands.

This season, upgrade to the team of CRUISERMAXX and SALTRO!