Preferred Stock Offering

Our current stock offering is now closed. Thank you to all who invested. We are grateful for your support!

Interested in a 5% Annual Dividend?

If you’re looking for a new investment opportunity, MaxYield Cooperative is offering $6 million of preferred stock with shares that pay a 5% dividend.

“We’re excited about this opportunity, because it’s a win for our clients, our communities, and MaxYield,” said Bob Burkhardt, MaxYield’s chief financial officer.

Preferred Stock Offering Details:

• The preferred stock offering will accelerate MaxYield’s facility upgrades. Completing asset upgrades faster will allow the cooperative to serve clients more effectively.

• The stock will pay an annual dividend of 5%.

• The par value of the shares is $1. There’s a minimum purchase of 1,000 shares and a maximum purchase of 150,000 shares.

• Any individual purchasing MaxYield’s preferred stock must be an Iowa resident. If shares are purchased in the name of a corporation, the business must be an Iowa corporation.

• You do not need to be a member of MaxYield to purchase the preferred stock. In addition, the preferred stock can be purchased by MaxYield team members.

• Shares of the preferred stock are callable at MaxYield’s discretion.

• Sales of the preferred stock shares will be available through July 31, 2013, or until all shares are sold.

Investing in rural Iowa

While this is the first time MaxYield has offered preferred stock to the general public, it’s not the first time the cooperative has issued preferred stock. This financing strategy worked well in 2003 in a business transaction with Agri-Industries, and again a few years later when MaxYield acquired AGP’s assets in the cooperative’s East Region, Burkhardt said.

A number of major ag corporations and cooperatives also issue preferred stock, including CHS Inc., Land O’Lakes, and CoBank, added Burkhardt, who noted that MaxYield will be sharing more information about the preferred stock offering at meetings scheduled the week of March 11th.

“Not only will this stock offering improve MaxYield’s balance sheet and the company’s leverage, but it will give investors a solid rate of return while allowing MaxYield to invest in local communities.”

Answering your questions

We understand that you may have more questions regarding this opportunity. Answers to many common questions can be found here, at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

You may also contact your nearest MaxYield location, for more information or to pick up an investment informational packet.


Disclaimer: This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy Class A preferred stock issued by MaxYield Cooperative. Offers are made only by the disclosure statement and other offering materials. No commission or other compensation is being paid to brokers or sales agents related to this offering.