Risk Management—because fear shouldn’t be the reason to sell your grain

Trying to second-guess fluctuations in pricing leads 80% of all U.S. grain to be sold at the bottom 20% of the market.

MaxYield Grain offers leading-edge risk management programs that work to help you minimize your risk and get you the best price for your crops—all without you having to give up control.

Basis Max Contract

The producer establishes the futures price only. The basis remains to be set later. These contracts are also known as HTA or NBE.

Priced Contract

The producer agrees to deliver bushes during a specific contract month, with the futures price to be set later.

Minimum Price Contract

The producer sells cash corn or soybeans and pays a fee that allows the capture of the upside futures movement on price from the time of the sale until the expiration of the contract

Market Wise

Market Wise takes the struggle out of making grain marketing decisions

  • A full service, in-depth style program
  • Coaching without taking over your operation
  • Uses the futures market and options to develop a personalized marketing plan
  • Offers forward selling and re-ownership expertise

Market Wise’s Jon Day and Brian Chastain bring over 60 years of combined marketing experience and solutions to your operation. They start with a no obligation, marketing and risk assessment and develop a plan that fits your operation.

Minimize your risk. Get peace of mind.