Grain marketing solutions that keep you in control

Choose the grain marketing solutions that fit your farming business.

Cash Offer

Offer to sell your corn or soybeans at a specific price, location, and delivery period. Free to use, monitored 24/7.

Basis Contract

 Establish the basis only for a specific delivery month with the futures price to be set later.

Extended Price Contract

Sell cash corn or soybeans and take only partial payment for the option to capture the upside on the futures price.

Accumulator Contract

Sign up for a specific quantity of corn or soybeans to be sold for a specific delivery time. Often, a premium is paid with specific contract stipulations.

Managed Bushel Programs

Sign up for a specific quantity of corn or soybeans, futures only, to be sold by a group of marketing experts.

Premium Offer Contract

Receive a premium for bushels sold for a solid offer at a specified level for bushels to be delivered in the future.

Seasonal Pricing Program

Sing up bushels to be priced during historically favorable times of the year.

Flexible grain marketing options maximize your selling opportunities

Selling to MaxYield Grain provides key options that help you maximize your return on grain sales:

  • Strategic locations
  • End-user direct market options
  • High-speed grain receiving with ticket printers at scale
  • Extended harvest hours
  • Team of grain solutions experts

These options give you the flexibility to determine the best marketing choice for your grain at the time you need to sell.

Better marketing starts when contact your MaxYield Grain Solutions Specialist