Improve your fuel economy by as much as 5%

Premium diesel fuel makes the difference

Maximizing the efficiency of your equipment is a critical component to minimizing the costs of your farming operations. Today’s high-performance engines have become more sophisticated to meet emissions standards. Fuel injection pressures have also increased through the years to offer increased efficiency. With that power comes higher engine temperatures that tend to “cook” fuels, which can plug filters and lead to injector failure. Premium fuels are designed to meet these challenges.

The proof is in the performance— Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster & Roadmaster XL premium fuels outperform typical #2 diesel

Not all fuels are designed to meet the challenges of today’s equipment. That’s why MaxYield Cooperative made the commitment to offer Ruby Fieldmaster premium diesel fuel. Here are some important test results:

  • Save approximately 12-15¢ per gallon compared to typical #2 diesel
  • Up to 5% better fuel efficiency
  • Up to 4.5% power increase
  • 10-15% better lubricity than typical #2 diesel
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Extends life of injectors/injector
  • Using Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster qualifies you for additional Total Protection Plan® coverage (up to 10 years or 10,000 hours) on qualifying equipment

All premium fuels are not created equal

Both base fuels and additives used to achieve “premium” status can very widely by supplier. Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster for off-road equipment and Cenex Roadmaster XL for highway use offer a quality base fuel and a complete, balanced additive package.

These fuels are continually researched and tested to ensure the highest quality premium diesel fuel on the market. That’s why Cenex offers an exceptional Total Protection Plan diesel fuel warranty.

Boost your bottom line

Better diesel fuel in the tank is an investment that pays for itself with added performance, reduced maintenance, less downtime and increased efficiency of operation.

Start Saving Time and Money