Gauge your crops progress & make in-season adjustments with Tissue Sampling solutions from MaxYield

Your crops are like icebergs. You can only see the tip of the plant, while most of what you need to know is invisible, under the surface.  By the time you see a deficiency, it’s usually too late to fix it and yield is already lost.

MaxYield Cooperative’s Tissue Sampling program is the pro-active solution you need, measuring the “invisible” part of your crops to confirm that nutrients you’ve applied are being utilized, or if additional nutrients are needed.

Sampling at the V4 crop stage for corn and soybeans helps you gauge progress and make adjustments if needed, for this crop and the crop years ahead.

Whether it’s sampling 3-4 times a year or once a week, your MaxYield agronomy specialist makes it easy, from collecting samples to providing results within days.

Turn what you can’t see into the profit you can, with Tissue Sampling from MaxYield.

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