Match your management style to specific hybrids and maximize your crop input investment

The Seed Solutions Team at MaxYield knows that the type of management each hybrid needs is vital to increasing yield and adding to your bottom line.  With a goal to develop a unique prescription for each hybrid, MaxYield conducts extensive testing, using different biologicals, fungicides and inputs to achieve maximum yield response.

In side-by-side comparisons, unique hybrid prescriptions have provided a 4:1 return on investment versus treating each hybrid the same.

When every penny counts, MaxYield is here to make sure you invest wisely.

If you’re relying on the same seed hybrids you planted last year, you only have a 19% chance of equaling your success because of changes in the environment.

The Seed Team at MaxYield Cooperative helps your crops reach their potential with Genetic Diversity… a custom-designed plan for your specific acreage.

  • Seed hybrids and varieties able to withstand precipitation, heat, and erosion
  • Specific tolerance factors like root type, growth pattern, and nutrition requirements
  • Comparison data on more than 500,000 local acres to aid in precision farming

You’ll reduce risk, optimize your profit, and be ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Get more information on high-yield hybrid management, or get a one-on-one tour of our research plots.