Every field is a profit center—every field is unique

More bushels per acre start with the right seed genetics but it takes a total agronomic solutions package to maximize the yield potential of that seed. We consider over 400 attributes to determine the right seed and nutrient solutions. Our Agronomy Solutions Specialists apply the latest information from science and research to create prescriptive recommendations specific to your field.

Higher yields with less input costs require the right nutrients and crop protection

Just applying crop nutrients the same way as you’ve always done and expecting different results won’t work in today’s advanced production environment. We offer comprehensive solutions based on our experience with over 500,000 acres of soil types just like yours.

  • Grid Soil Sampling
  • Nutrients
  • Seed Treatments
  • Nitrogen stabilizers, including our proprietary UAN Nitrogen stabilizer, Accel Complete N
  • Weed and disease control solutions
  • Crop protection

Start maximizing the profits from your field.


Don't Worry About the Details

I have a full-time job in addition to farming, so I depend on MaxYield to help me make important decisions for my operation and provide crop protection application services. MaxYield’s agronomy specialists help me put together a crop protection plan, so I don’t have to worry about the details.

Greg Guenther, Corwith-area client