Fungicide + Boron

Right now, every farmer’s calendar reads: APPLY FUNGICIDE

… protecting your corn and soybean crops against the growth of fungus and spores that can have a big effect on your crop yield.

So, if you’re thinking, “out with the bad,” why not think, “in with the good” at the same time?

Boron application from MaxYield Cooperative delivers the good you’re looking for, and can be applied at the same time as fungicide. Using Max-In Boron by Winfield, your MaxYield agronomy specialist can aid in restoring boron levels in your crops… which can be deficient as much as 89 percent this time of year.

Boron gives your plants a boost when they need it most, leading to increased pollination, seed development, and up to a 3.4 bushel improvement at tassel, meaning more profit for your farm.

Take the complexity out of your agronomy decisions

The rapidly changing advancements in agronomic science and technology makes farming seem highly complex. The MaxYield Agronomy Team helps take the complexity out of agronomy decisions with leading-edge seed and agronomy solutions customized for your operation.

Learn more about the high yield results our producers are achieving and get started maximizing the profits from your field.