Upgrade your seed treatment to Saltro

The SALTRO / CRUISERMAXX VIBRANCE seed treatment program from MaxYield  offers the premium protection you’re looking for.

Using CRUISERMAXX VIBRANCE as a base treatment with SALTRO is the best seed treatment technology available on the market.

SALTRO guards against SDS and provides continuous root protection, all without signs of plant stress like phototoxicity, stunted growth, and susceptibility to pests and weather.

SALTRO’s protection means greater yields for your farm… up to THREE bushels per acre over other seed treatment brands.

This season, upgrade to the team of CRUISERMAXX and SALTRO!


Accel Complete N

Nitrogen is the building block for your corn crop. Too little causes yields to suffer. Too much, and you overspent on an input lost through the soil.

So, how do you figure out what’s “just right” when it comes to protecting your investment?

The Agronomy Specialists at MaxYield recommend ACCEL COMPLETE N, the UAN nitrogen stabilizer for your crops both above AND below ground.

ACCEL COMPLETE N is stable, compatible, and easy to use. Your crops will utilize applied 32% nitrogen with record efficiency and vastly improve your yield potential.

Contact your MaxYield Agronomy Specialist to learn more about ACCEL COMPLETE N.

Take the complexity out of your agronomy decisions

The rapidly changing advancements in agronomic science and technology makes farming seem highly complex. The MaxYield Agronomy Team helps take the complexity out of agronomy decisions with leading-edge seed and agronomy solutions customized for your operation.

Learn more about the high yield results our producers are achieving and get started maximizing the profits from your field.