Turbo-Charged Memories: Doug Evans’ IH 560 Diesel

Take a look around Doug Evans’ Terril, Iowa farmstead and you’ll see red tractors- lots of them. They’re all special, but this 1962 IH 560 Diesel with M&W Turbo may mean just a little more to him. Before Doug, the tractor was owned for about 45 years by the late Leo Hanson, a longtime friend and fellow member on the Superior elevator board of directors. Since he was a teenager, Doug had wanted to buy the 560 from Leo because it was a unique tractor with the turbo kit. Leo finally caved in 2010 and sold the tractor to be a part of Evans’ collection.

Once in his possession Doug repainted the tractor, added an IH wide front end, replaced the rear rims and hubs, and built an oversized oil pan. He’s never taken his tractors to rides or shows, but wants to find the time to do so soon. Doug calls this era of tractors “muscle tractors”, since they are the farming counterpart to muscle cars, and he’s proud to play a part in keeping their history alive.