Driving a Dream: Jerry Schmidt’s John Deere 6030

For Jerry Schmidt, farming is his life. Hailing from West Bend, Iowa, Jerry has been a farmer for over 60 years while also spending time working for various seed companies and a machinery business. One of his favorite ways to honor his career in agriculture is by owning this 1975 John Deere 6030. This heavy tractor was one of the most powerful of its time, boasting a then-unprecedented 175 horsepower. Jerry wasn’t the tractor’s first owner, but instead purchased it later from a dealership in Britt.

Once he got ahold of it, he completed most of the mechanical repairs needed himself. Then, he loaded it up and took it to Nebraska for a professional paint job. Jerry enjoys taking his 6030 to parades and tractor rides in and around West Bend, but for him the history of the tractor is what makes owning it special. “Everybody knew what a 6030 was [in the 70’s], but no one could afford to buy one,” he states, “[Taking the tractor to parades] really isn’t showing off, it’s just showing what we grew up with… and that’s kind of precious.”

This John Deere 6030 was featured in the 2021 edition of MaxYield’s tractor calendar.