MaxYield Contributes to Wright County 4-H Member Dues

CLARION, IA – MaxYield Cooperative recently contributed $1070 towards the membership dues for Wright County 4-H members. The check was presented Emily Zahurones, Wright County Youth Coordinator, on May 15th. The funds will pay $10 of the $35 state dues for 4-H members in the county. This membership not only allows students to display and compete with their projects at the Wright County Fair and Iowa State Fair, it also provides them with opportunities to participate in conferences, workshops, and community service.

“MaxYield Cooperative recognizes the value that 4-H brings, not only to the youth that participate but also to our communities,” explained Chad Meyer, communications and client relations director at MaxYield Cooperative. “MaxYield is proud to assist the next generation of leaders in growing as 4-Hers by easing the financial obligation of the families of Wright County’s 100-plus members.”

The cooperative contributes nearly $13,000 to 4-H in seven Iowa counties annually.

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Wright County Youth Coordinator Emily Zahurones accepted a check from MaxYield Cooperative totaling $1070. The funds will cover $10 of every Wright County 4-H member’s annual dues.