A Family Affair: Jake Pals’ Farmall B

Jake Pals may not be old enough to drive a car, but he sure can drive a tractor. Take a trip to Meservey, Iowa and you might find him cruising around on his 1945 Farmall B, a model that’s one of his grandfather’s favorites. Nate Pals, Jake’s grandfather, is especially partial to B’s and M’s, having owned many of each over the years. When he found this B with a plow at an auction in Floyd, Iowa he knew it needed to be a part of the family’s collection.

From left to right: Nate, Cade, Jake, and Ryan Pals.

Many years ago, the B was a favorite tractor model of Nate’s because of its off-centered seat. This made it a good tractor for cultivating because it was easier to see into the rows. Jake and his grandpa, his brother (Cade), and his dad (Ryan) spend many hours working together on their tractors in their Meservey shop. Maintaining these pieces of mechanical history is important to the Pals family, and as Ryan puts it, “If you don’t restore them, they’ll be lost forever.”

This Farmall B was featured in the 2021 edition of MaxYield’s tractor calendar.