Some people have a natural ability to pick out the rarities among everyday life. Gene Rosenberg of Spirit Lake, Iowa has that ability, and this 1946 Oliver 900 Industrial tractor is proof. Originally purchased by the Iowa Department of Transportation for snow removal, a nearby farmer later bought it from the DOT and utilized it for day-to-day farm work. After blowing the engine, the tractor sat idle in a farm field for nearly 20 years. When the farmer’s sons were prepared to have the tractor hauled away for scrap metal, a friend of Gene’s rescued it for him to restore.

There were 280 Oliver 900’s built between 1945 and 1951. What makes Gene’s especially unique is its cab, manufactured by the Allen Cab Company. It is believed that only two 900’s with a cab were produced, both of which were purchased by the Iowa DOT, and it appears that this is the only one remaining. Though the restoration was a multi-year project and the engine was damaged so severely that it had to be replaced, Oliver enthusiasts are in awe at the treasure that Gene found.

This Oliver 900 Industrial was featured in the 2021 edition of MaxYield’s tractor calendar.